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Scoops Ahoy T-Shirt

The best ice cream in Hawkins, Indiana!

Scoops Ahoy T-Shirt

The best ice cream in Hawkins, Indiana!

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Description: Scoops Ahoy T-Shirt

Pour le moment, cette description n'est disponible qu'en anglais. La traduction est actuellement en cours, veuillez nous excuser pour ce désagrément.
After battling monsters from a weird parallel world, there's nothing more refreshing than a nice big bowl of ice cream! Unfortunately, Hawkins, Indiana, did not have an ice cream parlour in the 80s. Until now! In the third season of the popular mystery series about a psychokinetically gifted girl, a mall is built. And inside this mall, you can buy ice cream!

So head out today to the grand opening and grab a "Scoops Ahoy" T-Shirt and try the new flavour Upside-down Eggos! On the shirt, you can spot the employee of the month, Steve Harrington, while he is doing exactly that. (By default, everything Steve does is cool!)

The first 100 customers will be able to grab a free Demogorgon as well, so hurry up before Eleven beats you to it and eats up all the Eggo pieces!