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Me Gusta T-Shirt

J'aime - T-shirt pour le Mème Rage Face Comic.

Me Gusta T-Shirt

J'aime - T-shirt pour le Mème Rage Face Comic.

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Pour le moment, cette description n'est disponible qu'en anglais. La traduction est actuellement en cours, veuillez nous excuser pour ce désagrément.
Do you sometimes laugh at something that might be considered... well, strange?

In this case, the Me Gusta shirt is just the thing to express your 'odd' thinking.

Me Gusta is a rage face comic character typically used to respond to an awkward or disgusting situation with "Me Gusta", which means "it pleases me" in Spanish (often understood as "I like it" in English).

Since their first appearance in 2008 on 4chan, the rage face comic characters have spread all over the internet. And Me Gusta has achieved cult status as an internet phenomenon, as well as Rage guy and Fuck Yea guy both of which we also offer.